Online Tutoring - About the Tutors

SMARTHINKING e-structors (tutors) are employees of SMARTHINKING and are not independent contractors. All e-structors have tutoring and/or teaching experience and undergo a rigorous selection process, a comprehensive training program and practicum, and ongoing performance assessments. Over 80% of all e-structors have their Masters or Phds, and 95% of the writing e-structors have advanced degrees.

SMARTHINKING’s tracking of interactions allows its education staff to monitor tutoring sessions and provide a high level of quality control and professional development for our e-structors.

Tutors will:

  • Encourage you with constructive criticism
  • Help you identify areas for improvement in your work
  • Involve you in discussion and problem-solving strategies
  • Treat you with respect

Tutors will not:

  • Do assignments for you, give answers, or write any portion of your papers
  • Review and correct errors without active participation from you
  • Comment on grades or predict a possible grade