Online Tutoring - Help and Contacts


For more help or support with the whiteboard during a live session, you can always ask the e-structor (tutor). SMARTHINKING provides a practice whiteboard.

Sample Tutorials

SMARTHINKING provides sample tutorials. These Flash movies walk you through a one-on-one session between a student and an e-structor.

Tech Check

Connection to the online tutoring service is simple, and requires minimal personal computer connection capability (56K modem recommended, but 28.8K modem is acceptable). To learn more about your personal computer setup, please use our Check Your Computer test. SMARTHINKING provides a technical requirements check list, and a system test for proper configuration.


For other questions, please visit SMARTHINKING's Customer Support. This will give a list of frequently asked questions and answers as well as an email address and toll-free number to contact SMARTHINKING’s Helpdesk (, or call (888) 430-7429 ext. 1.

You may also want to contact our Student Services Center.

Student Services Center
Phone: 541-737-9204
Toll Free: 800-667-1465