Grades and Transcripts


Grades are available online the Wednesday after finals week. You may print an unofficial grade report off of the Web by going to Beaver Hub.

You will need to enter your ONID user name and password. Once you are logged in, you can click on Student Records, followed by Final Grades. You will need to select the appropriate term, and click Submit. All courses you took, with the grade you received should be listed. If for some reason you did not receive the grade you expected and you believe there is an error, please email your instructor.

It is important to meet the deadlines for all coursework set in your course syllabus. If you foresee any difficulties with due dates or run into problems, contact your instructor immediately.


When a requirement of a course has not been completed for reasons acceptable to the instructor and the rest of the academic work is passing, a report of I (incomplete) may be made and additional time granted. The I is only granted at the discretion of the instructor.For a detailed explanation, please see Academic Regulation 17. This is a contract between you and the instructor.


The OSU Registrar's Office maintains student academic records. Official copies (transcripts) of these records are available upon written consent of students, providing the student's financial account balance is up to date.

Unofficial transcripts

Unofficial transcripts for students enrolled Fall 1991 or later are available via the Web through Student Online Services or may be obtained from any of the campus kiosks. Kiosks are located in Kerr Admin Building, Memorial Union, Valley Library, Kidder Hall, Dixon Recreation Center and LaSells Stewart Center. Unofficial transcripts do not contain details of transfer work as accepted by OSU.

Unofficial transcripts are not available for students enrolled prior to Fall Term 1991.

Official transcripts

Official transcripts contain a summary of transfer credit and detailed course information for OSU credits. Official transcripts mailed to the student are enclosed in a sealed envelope. The transcripts retain their official status as long as the inner envelope is not opened. Transcripts cannot be faxed.

To find out how to obtain official transcripts, please see OSU Office of the Registrar Transcripts.

Course petitions

Students can petition to have courses count towards fulfilling specific requirements in certain programs. Equivalencies will be determined by course content, course level, and the intent of the requirement. Petitions for baccalaureate core requirements will be evaluated by the head advisors. Petitions for program requirements will be evaluated by the program directors.