Spring 2009 Issue

This term's tips and training opportunities to improve efficiency using Blackboard

Using BlackboardCustomizing your Grade Center

Don’t want to see all of the default columns with student information that appear in your Grade Center? You can hide columns in the Grade Center by clicking the double-chevrons next to the column header and choosing “Hide Column” from the drop-down menu.

Would you like to see more columns or freeze some columns?  

  • Go to "Manage"
  • Then, "Organize Grade Center"
  • You can show columns that are hidden and change those that are frozen here

Want to create queries from data stored in your Grade Center?  Explore the "Smart View" function.  Detailed instructions on creating Smart Views can be found under section 4.1.10 in our Electronic Blackboard Faculty Manual.

Problems with Blackboard in Internet Explorer 8

Please let your students know to use Version 7of Internet Explorer before downloading their exams.  This will prevent a “timer” that covers the exam from showing and allow the student to complete without problems.  If they do not, their exam may need to be reset.  View this info on an IE 7 Compatibility Mode.

Removing Force Completion for exams

Force Completion does nothing to enhance security. Exams with Force Completion turned on with Multiple Attempts disallowed only wastes time.  Remember to Turn OFF Force Completion and encourage students to make a habit of saving after every question.  This is important on exams that are heavy with essay questions.  Also encourage students to type out their essay questions in Notepad or Word, then copy and paste their answers into Blackboard when they are ready to submit. 

Upcoming Blackboard training dates

Explore the Discussion Board
Friday, May 22 from 11 to 11:45 a.m. in The Valley Library Room 5420 (Barnard)

Blackboard for New Instructors
Wednesday, June 10 from 11 a.m. to noon in The Valley Library Room 5420 (Barnard)

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