Student Learning Experience (SLE) Survey

The Student Learning Experience (SLE) Survey is administered by the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment (APA).

Teaching at Oregon State University is an essential part of each instructor's responsibilities. Your students' responses to this questionnaire will help instructors identify quality teaching skills and methods or discover ways to improve their courses.

Students are asked to take the time to answer each question individually and add comments in the text boxes. Comments in the text boxes are seen by only the instructors.

Instructors are asked to carefully consider student comments. Also, supervisors for each faculty member or instructor will use this information to encourage teaching excellence. Results of this form are anonymous and are not tabulated until after grades are posted.

Instructions to students for completing SLE

SLE Survey instructions for students

Students experiencing difficulties while completing the Student Learning Experience (SLE) Survey should visit the student FAQs page.

Information for faculty is available on the Office of Academic Programs and Assessment (APA) website.