Exam Proctoring: Canvas Exam Settings

To request test proctoring

Canvas exams

  •  Canvas exam settings
    • Permission to reset exams
      • Grant Ecampus permission to reset your exams in the event a student has technical difficulty and you cannot be reached within 10 minutes. Please check “yes” in the appropriate box online.
      • If permission is not granted, instructors are expected to be available for contact via telephone during proctoring times to address test proctoring issues.
    • Recommended exam setting in Canvas – turn OFF "Let Students See Their Quiz Responses"
      • If this setting is ON, and it is defaulted ON for all Quizzes, then students may return at any time and view the entire exam. It does not show only their responses, but the questions and all answer choices. They can then share the questions with other students that have not yet completed the quiz. We strongly recommend this be turned OFF for all Quizzes, and especially for proctored quizzes.
    • 72-hour exam windows
      • We strongly recommend that the exam “window” be set at a minimum of 72 hours. This provides enough time for distance students who might be in different time zones to have sufficient time to access and complete the exam.
      • The recommended ending time for exams is 7 p.m. PST at the earliest. This time provides some flexibility for on-campus proctoring sessions that end at 6 p.m. with some leeway in the event the exam start is delayed due to technical difficulties.
    • Password criteria
      • Please create passwords that are 8 characters or less.
      • Do not create complex passwords as they result in difficulties for proctors.
      • Passwords are case sensitive and can be a combination of letters and numbers.
      • Example passwords: Minute, carrot, shell24
  • Exam upload support
    • If you would like Ecampus’ Course Development and Training team (CDT) to upload or build your exam(s), please use this secure form to submit your exam settings and a copy of your exam with the correct answers. We ask that exam building requests be submitted at least 5 days prior to the exam starting date. If you have any questions on exam building support, please contact ecampusfacultysupport@oregonstate.edu.
  • Paper exams

Final exams

  • Dead Week
    • Final exams may not be scheduled during Dead Week.
    • OSU Academic Regulation 16 states that no final, midterm or comprehensive examinations shall be given during the week preceding final examination week.
  • 110-minute rule
    • Observe the final examination policy which limits the length of final examinations to 110 minutes. Contact the Registrar’s office with any questions regarding the policy at 541-737-4048.