Pay Overview

Instructor hire and pay effective Winter 2011

  • Effective Winter 2011, Extended Campus will no longer handle instructor pay arrangements. All instructor hiring and pay arrangements will be the responsibility of the hiring academic department. The department will establish the instructor’s rate of pay and will take care of hiring paperwork, in collaboration with the College’s Business Service Center. 
  • Please contact your academic department Chair or your College’s Business Service Center for details.

Instructor hire and pay policy prior to Winter 2011

Prior to winter 2011, the academic department could choose to both hire and pay course instructors directly or elect to have Ecampus pay instructors who have been approved by the department. The instructor wage and payroll benefit expenses processed by Ecampus were charged directly into budget indexes designated by each college.

Instructors were paid up to a maximum of 180 SCH per term (60 students in 3 credit courses; 45 students in 4 credit courses).

  • The 180 SCH limit was calculated per instructor, not per course.
  • Pay rates remained the same: $55 per undergraduate SCH and $85 per graduate SCH.
  • These SCH could have been a mix/match of undergraduate or graduate, but the maximum is 180 SCH.
  • At 180 undergraduate SCH, the pay would equal $9,900.
  • If all 180 SCH were graduate level, the maximum pay would have been $15,300 (very unlikely due to lower enrollments in graduate courses.)
  • PEBB benefits (health insurance) would not have been initiated by Ecampus pay. (180 SCH were equivalent to 0.49 FTE)
  • Compensation for overload instruction cannot exceed 104 hours per academic term at the instructor's current salary rate. Reference: OSU Payroll Policy and Procedure Manual Section 406: Overload. The academic department has the responsibility to work with the Human Resources office to ensure compliance with this policy.