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New approach to sociology possible in online program

CORVALLIS, Ore. – A new online sociology degree program will be available this fall through Oregon State University Ecampus, offering students around the world a chance to study important social forces in an unusual environment.

This program and the nature of Ecampus will provide students a chance to interact with a more diverse group of fellow students than would be possible on any single campus, said Mark Edwards, an OSU associate professor of sociology.

“You can be talking about social inequality or gender or race relations with soldiers on duty halfway around world, with stay-at-home mothers in Bend, Ore., with part-time students on the East Coast and with business professionals in Portland,” Edwards said. “You won’t find that level of diversity in any classroom.”

More information and registration is available online at

The OSU Department of Sociology has expanded and updated its online curriculum, and courses will be taught by some of the university’s most experienced faculty. Advising programs are also available.

OSU sociology faculty have educational and research programs under way in such fields as immigration, crime, health care, religion, rural communities and the environment, hunger and social services.

Students can choose between a general sociology major or the environmental and natural resource option, which allows them to understand the sociological impact of the relationships between societies and their bio-physical environment. A crime and justice option will be available online in the near future.