Rules and Responsibilities for Proctored Exams


The purpose of these guidelines is to clarify the roles of students, Oregon State Ecampus staff and proctors in arranging proctored exams.

Only exams using Proctorio can be taken at any quiet location with internet. Exams using any other proctor may not be administered in a private residence; only in a professional proctored environment. Please review other requirements prior to using Proctorio.

Student responsibilities

  • Be familiar with the proctoring procedures listed on the how-to FAQ.
  • Set up Proctorio on your computer for proctored exams.
  • If you are unable to use Proctorio, make in-person proctoring arrangements and pay any testing fees, if applicable.
  • Be aware of time limits on your exams and keep track of the time.
  • Be aware of and follow the academic integrity guidelines.
  • If unusual circumstances occur, please contact Ecampus Testing and your instructor as soon as possible.
  • Contact Ecampus Testing with any questions. Our office hours are 7:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. PT Monday through Friday.

Ecampus responsibilities

  • Make arrangements for all online courses that request to have proctored exams. This includes:
    • Receiving and verifying a student's proctor choice.
    • Emailing passwords and instructions to proctors.
  • Notify the instructor if the proctor feels the exam procedure has been compromised.
  • Answer questions and help solve problems that arise during the proctor setup and exam process.

Proctor responsibilities

  • Receive the exam passwords and instructions from Ecampus and keep them in a secure place.
  • Identify the student with a photo ID.
  • Notify the student of what they are allowed to use during the exam (i.e., notes, calculator), as described in the exam instructions. Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and put away.
  • Notify the student of the time limit on the exam; proctors do not need to keep track of time for the student.
  • Supervise the student taking the exam.
  • Terminate the exam if the testing procedure is compromised due to improper student conduct. Notify Ecampus Testing as soon as possible.
  • If unusual circumstances occur, please contact Ecampus as soon as possible.