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Tuition Comparison

Comparing online and on-campus tuition

Oregon State University Ecampus students are never charged nonresident rates, meaning your tuition is the same if you live in the state of Oregon or anywhere else in the world. Review the online tuition and fees page to explore all tuition and fees.

2024-25 campus and online comparison charts

Use the charts below to compare Ecampus tuition and fees to on-campus resident and nonresident rates for the 2024-25 academic year. All tuition and fee information is available on Oregon State’s Finance and Administration website. Note that the Oregon resident and nonresident on-campus rates include mandatory fees (for building, incidental and health service) per credit.

Some Ecampus programs have a different base tuition, as well as differential tuition, than the comparison charts below. The online tuition and fees page has general information about tuition as well as differential tuition rates for specific Ecampus programs.

Undergraduate and postbaccalaureate tuition rates

  1 credit 3 credits 6 credits 12 credits 15 credits
OSU Ecampus/OSU Portland $366.00 $1,098.00 $2,196.00 $4,392.00 $5,490.00
Oregon resident on campus $1,168.92 $1,694.92 $2,483.92 $4,061.92 $4,844.92
Nonresident on campus $1,920.92 $3,480.92 $5,820.92 $10,500.92 $12,834.92

Graduate tuition rates

  1 credit 3 credits 6 credits 9 credits
OSU Ecampus/OSU Portland $571.00 $1,713.00 $3,426.00 $5,139.00
Oregon resident on campus $1,313.92 $2,335.92 $3,868.92 $5,401.92
Nonresident on campus $1,948.92 $4,240.92 $7,678.92 $11,116.92

Cost of attendance

The Office of Financial Aid provides an estimate of full-time educational costs for attending Oregon State University for the standard academic year. Costs noted below are standard financial aid budget items and represent an estimate of what students can anticipate spending for tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, and personal and miscellaneous expenses. Only billable costs will appear on the student’s billing account. Learn more on the Finanical Aid website or try our tuition and fees calculator.

2024-25 estimated Ecampus cost of attendance

Expense 1 Year/3 Terms 1 Term
Tuition and Fees (12 CR)1 $13,191 $4,397
Estimated Billable Cost Total $13,191 $4,397
Books and Supplies $600 $200
Living Expenses (Food and Housing) (off campus)2 $16,386 $5,462
Personal and Misc. $2,682 $894
Transportation $810 $270
Estimated Non-Billable Cost Total $20,478 $6,826
Estimated TOTAL $33,669 $11,223

Cost of attendance components

Billable Costs

  • 1 Tuition and Fees: Estimated Tuition and Fees are based on 12 credits/term undergraduate for three (3) terms, or one regular academic year. Tuition and fees can vary based on program of study, number of credits enrolled, residency status, and degree level. Actual tuition rates are pending approval by the board of trustees and approved by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission in July. More detailed information on tuition and fee charges may be found on the Business Affairs webpages.
  • 2 Room and Board: This amount is an average figure for both on-campus and off-campus living arrangements, but students are only directly billed by OSU if living on-campus. Lower cost options may also be available that can save a student up to several thousand dollars per year compared to the average (significant amounts of on-campus options are less than $9,000/year). Actual cost amounts will vary based on a student’s choices on where to live and other related expenses.

Non-Billable Costs

  • Books and Supplies: This is an average amount you might spend on books and supplies. You are not billed by OSU for these expenses.
  • Transportation Cost: This is an estimate of what you might spend during the school year on transportation.
  • Personal and Miscellaneous: This is an estimate of what you might spend during the school year on personal items, clothing, recreation and travel.
  • Loan Fee Allowance: An average amount is built in for loan recipients to cover the Federal Ford Direct Loan fees. COA shown does not include loan fee allowance.


  • OSU uses a quarter system with a standard school year consisting of three quarters or "terms" (Fall, Winter, and Spring). There is an optional fourth term (Summer Session).
  • The "1 Term" column shows the estimated costs for a standard term, such as Fall. Summer Term estimates may vary.
  • The "1 Year/3 Term" column shows the estimated costs for a standard academic year.
  • Term dates can be found on the OSU academic calendar.


If you have any questions about Ecampus tuition or how it compares to on-campus rates, please contact Ecampus student services at 800-667-1465 (option 1) or

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