Reviewing course syllabi is the best way to find out more information about your course(s). Syllabi vary in style and format but usually contain an overview of the course, the learning outcomes expected, materials you will need, instructor name, and information about exams and major projects.

"Syllabi" defined

Ecampus surveys tell us that syllabi (plural of 'syllabus') is not a commonly understood word. So, we're providing you with a more formal definition. According to WorldNet dictionary, a syllabus is a "course of study, curriculum, or program." In other words, it's your course to-do list for the term!


Once you are registered for a specific course, you will find a detailed syllabus with due dates within the course website in Canvas. If you do not find a syllabus in the course website on the first day of classes, please contact Student Services. Once your course begins in Canvas, your instructor will convey more detailed information about projects, exams, due dates, grading scale, and other specific expectations for your learning activities in the courses.