CRN Request Form

If your department has decided to offer a specific course and it is not yet listed on the Ecampus Schedule of Classes, please use this form to request the Course Reference Number (CRN). This information will be forwarded to the OSU Schedule Desk, and a unique CRN will be assigned to your course. Once the CRN has been entered into the Schedule, your course's Canvas site will be available for you to access. Ecampus will notify you when the CRN has been assigned.

Note: This webform should only be used if your course has previously been offered through Ecampus, or if you and your school or department have recently accepted a course development Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) from Ecampus and are working on a course development with an Ecampus instructional designer.

If you do not yet have a course development MOU, including all special topics (199, 299, 399, 499, 599, 699), please see the instructions for New Ecampus Course Development Proposals.

Fall Term Scheduling

Note: Beginning with the 2021 Fall term (202201) and for all following terms, please submit all Ecampus CRN requests through the Office of the Registrar’s new scheduling program, CLSS. This new software program will be used to replace the Ecampus CRN request form for all CRN requests. The Ecampus CRN request form should still be used to request a CRN for the 2021 Summer term (202200).

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