QM Online Course Design – Have a Course Reviewed

How do QM peer reviews work?

In a QM Peer Review, three QM-trained, experienced online instructors use the QM Rubric to review the design of an online or hybrid course. The rubric, updated biennially to reflect the most current research, consists of 41 standards, each assigned a number of points. Courses that meet all essential standards and amass at least 81 of 95 points in a review are certified by QM.

How does Ecampus help?

Ecampus works with faculty interested in pursuing QM certification in a variety of ways:

Quality Matters Play

Oregon State faculty discuss the experience and benefits of having their online and hybrid courses certified through Quality Matters.

  • In-depth pre-reviews by Ecampus instructional designers
  • Course templates based on QM standards
  • Guidance and support for course modifications
  • Coordination of review teams
  • Recognition of QM certified courses
  • Providing QM training

How will QM Online Course Design benefit instructors?

Having your online course peer reviewed is an ideal way to receive fresh ideas from colleagues who are interested in your course and can offer positive feedback to create more active learning. The QM standards assure that the online components of these courses promote learner engagement and provide your students with all the tools and information they need to be successful.

The peer review process will push you to see course from the learners' perspective and determine if your students are engaging with the content in the class. And by becoming QM certified, your courses are publicly recognized as exemplifying the very best in online course design.

What is required to have my course QM reviewed?

  • The course needs to have been taught at least one term.
  • The instructor should have completed an APPQMR training.
  • The course needs to be pre-reviewed by an Ecampus instructional designer and any course modifications needed are complete at least three weeks before the formal review period begins.

When can I have my course formally QM reviewed?

We offer two opportunities each year to certify your course:


Pre-reviews should be completed between January and February, and formal reviews begin March 1.


Pre-reviews should be completed between July and August, and formal reviews begin Oct. 1.

What is the timeline for the formal review period?

The formal review period lasts approximately three weeks. The faculty developer should be available to answer questions from the review team during this period. If revisions are needed, the developer has the opportunity to make improvements to meet standards.  

The entire process must be completed within 20 weeks from the start of the formal course review.