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AI readiness playbook

We acknowledge that generative artificial intelligence (AI) has profound implications for teaching and learning across all disciplines, all levels, and all modalities in higher education, and that the process of adapting to this new technology will take time. We believe that adjusting teaching and learning practices in light of this new technology will be hard work, will be a moving target, and will necessitate faculty development and support.

We also believe that OSU students want to learn and that this new technology will not reduce their value of learning. Furthermore, we know that students value the relationships they form with faculty and believe that those relationships can be leveraged to guide students to the appropriate uses of AI technology. Finally, we believe that open and continuing conversations between staff, faculty, and students are an important part of the process of adapting to this new technology.

This guide is intended to help program leaders facilitate conversations with faculty during the year; resources provided here may also help guide policy formation, the selection of pedagogical approaches, and possible curricular adjustments in light of this new technology.

AI Readiness Playbook

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