Exam Proctoring: About Proctorio

Ecampus Use of Proctorio

Proctorio is the online proctoring vendor for OSU and will be used for online proctored exams in Ecampus courses. Proctorio proctoring is free for our students and no scheduling will be required, achieving more equitable testing practices and increasing access and affordability for all students in courses using proctored exams.

Proctorio is an automated system that records students using their webcam and microphone, then detects unusual or suspicious behavior for faculty review. Proctorio is integrated into Canvas and works with your Canvas quizzes.

Note: students may use an approved in-person proctor instead of Proctorio by working with the Ecampus Testing Team, but the availability of in-person proctors continues to be limited in many states and countries.

Considerations for Use

  • Exam(s) must be in Canvas Quizzes; Proctorio cannot proctor a paper exam.
    • Contact Ecampus Faculty Support for assistance with exam conversion.
    • File Upload questions cannot be used.
    • Students will have limited ability to enter mathematical or chemical equations.
  • We recommend no allowed materials OR a fully open-note/open-book exam to maximize use of Proctorio settings.
    • Proctorio has an on-screen calculator and whiteboard available, but these offer limited functionality for complex calculations and work.
  • Students should be offered an opportunity to take a practice quiz in Canvas using the tool so that they can ensure the technology works for them prior to a high-stakes exam.
  • You will need to set Proctorio settings on your exam(s) in Canvas using the instructor guide of recommended settings. (More information below.)
  • You will need to be prepared to work with DAS on accommodations for students who may not be able to test in Proctorio or who are more likely to have flagged exams.
  • After the exam, Proctorio will generate a report of unusual or suspicious behavior (like looking offscreen frequently or trying to open unallowed resources). You will review these flags to determine if further action is needed.

Setting Up Proctorio

Proctorio is installed in all Ecampus Canvas sites, but it may not be visible in your course navigation menu yet.

  • In your course menu, go to Settings > Navigation.
  • Look for Secure Exam Proctor, and drag that item up to the list of items visible in the course menu.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page.

Once the item is visible in your course menu, click on it. If you haven't already installed a supported browser extension for Proctorio, follow the prompts to do so; you will not be able to set up your exams without the browser extension installed and active.

Once your Proctorio browser extension is installed and turned on, go to Quizzes and find the first exam that you want to setup.

  • Edit the quiz.
  • Under the list of settings, look for a check box Enable Proctorio Secure Exam Proctor, and check it.
  • At the top of the quiz editing page, you should now see a new tab called Proctorio Settings where you will set your Proctorio preferences.
  • Remember to go back and set Canvas Quiz settings too, such as the time allowed and when the exam opens and closes.

If you need to add additional attempts or extended time for individual students, you will still do this in Canvas under Moderate this Quiz.

Student Practice with Proctorio

We strongly recommend that you set up a 0-point practice quiz with Proctorio so that students can address any technology issues in advance of a real exam or identify if they are unable to use Proctorio.

If you have a student who is unable to use Proctorio for an Ecampus course that requires proctored exams, please have your student contact ecampustesting@oregonstate.edu for assistance with locating an acceptable alternative proctor. Ecampus Testing will verify that alternative proctors meet our acceptable proctor criteria and facilitate exam instructions as needed.

Using Proctorio

Faculty Resources

Student-Facing Information

Getting Further Assistance

Proctorio support is available 24/7 to you and to your students. In the event that you experience a technical issue, click the gray shield icon in your browser's toolbar and select “Live Chat.” Alternatively, you can visit Proctorio’s support page and start a live chat with Proctorio customer service by clicking the “start live chat” button.

The Ecampus Testing team is available to help with questions related to your quarterly proctoring information submission or helping student find alternative proctoring arrangements as needed.

The Ecampus Faculty Support team is available to help with questions relating to your exam design, with transitioning a non-Canvas exam into Canvas, updating your exam questions, and more.