ONID: Overview and FAQs

Overview and General Information

1. What does the acronym ONID stand for?

ONID stands for

OSU Network Identification

2. What is available via an ONID account?

  • E-mail (can be forwarded to another account)
  • Access to Canvas, the Residential Computer Network, and campus IS computer labs
  • Personal web pages
  • File storage (80 MB per user)


1. Am I eligible for an ONID account?

The following people are eligible for an ONID account:

  • Students -- All incoming freshmen who have completed their initial registration for courses. All registered students on the Corvallis campus are eligible from the time of registration online until the end of the term.
  • Faculty and OSU Employees -- All faculty, including emeriti and adjunct or courtesy faculty, are eligible for the duration of their appointment.
  • Employees -- All employees of the university, including student employees and graduate assistants, are eligible from the beginning of their employment through their last day of work.
  • OSU Associates -- All official OSU Associates are eligible during the course of their official association with the university. For further information about the OSU Associates program, contactthe ID Center in Kerr Administration Bldg. Rm 094, 541-737-2493.

2. How do I sign up for my ONID account?

You sign up for an ONID account from the ONID home page, which you can access from the OSU home page. Or, you can access the ONID home page directly at http://www.onid.orst.edu

3. How do I forward my ONID account?

Login to your ONID account, www.onid.orst.edu. Click Manage Mail (left navigation bar.) Under Mail Forwarding, enter the address you want your mail to be forwarded to. Click Set Mail Forwarding.

4. How long can Faculty and Employees keep their ONID account?

Two months after your employee status is "terminated" your account is deactivated. One term after your account is deactivated your account is removed. For example: If you were terminated July 31, 2003, your ONID account would be deactivated on September 30, 2003 and removed Winter term 2004. You will always receive a warning e-mail before your ONID account is deactivated.

5. Who are useful contacts for ONID problems?