Student Profiles – Archive

Here is a sampling of profiles on Oregon State Ecampus students and graduates from previous years.


Morgan Whisinnand
The high level of interaction with her Ecampus instructors and classmates reassured Morgan that pursuing a master's degree online was the right decision.


Kirk Tice
A high school teacher's thirst for thrills involves big waves and searching for Bigfoot with his kids, but education remained Kirk's top priority.

Kat White, Joshua Scruggs and Annette Whitney
A trio of students from science and health-related professions discuss how OSU's online chemistry courses helped boost their careers.

Elaine Corwin
Despite living on the other side of the country, Elaine found that her community college leadership doctoral program made OSU a second home.

Yajaira Fuentes-Tauber
The Ecampus master's program in science and math education enabled Yajaira and other teachers to give students better tools to succeed.


Kyle Smith
Our first Sustainable Natural Resources graduate in winter 2009.


Nihar Mandavia
Nihar won our 2007 Ecampus Website Survey and is now taking Ecampus classes online.


Christine Roberts
Christine's sheer determination and desire for knowledge helped her overcome many obstacles in earning her BS in Liberal Studies in 2004.

Danny Orris
Sixteen members of Danny's family attended his 2004 commencement, when he received his BS in General Agriculture. Danny is a rancher in New Mexico.

Kim Landry
Kim is an officer for the L.A. Police Department and a world traveler. She completed her BS in Natural Resources through Ecampus in 2004.


Steve Ellis
Meet Steve, Class of 2001 graduate in Environmental Sciences.

Dee Sipe
Dee found the Ecampus online degree program in Natural Resources to be perfect for her needs.

Jessica Strickland
A 2001 General Agriculture graduate, Jessica hopes to work in the agro-industrial field.

Georgia Weinblatt
Meet Georgia, Class of 2001 graduate in Liberal Studies.


Carol Beatty
Meet Carol, Class of 2000 magna cum laude graduate in Liberal Studies.

Debbie Brown
Meet Debbie, Class of 2000 graduate in Liberal Studies.

Delia Costley Jones
Meet Delia, Class of 2000 summa cum laude graduate in Liberal Studies.

Dorothy Thomas
Dorothy had lots to celebrate when she graduated magna cum laude with her Environmental Sciences degree, just a week after celebrating her 40th birthday.

Eric Penn
Meet Eric, Class of 2000 Graduate with a B.S. in Speech Communication.

John Asher
Meet John, Class of 2000 graduate in Liberal Studies.

Liz Hitt
OSU 2000 grad lives in Terrebone, Oregon, in the shadow of Smith Rock where she enjoys hiking.

Michele Maxwell
Meet Michele, Class of 2000 graduate in Liberal Studies.

Sheila Ford
Meet Sheila, Class of 2000 summa cum laude graduate from Surprise, Arizona.