Exam Proctoring: Accommodations and Extensions

Accommodations in Canvas

Instructors are responsible for inputting accommodations into Canvas for all students eligible for disability-related accommodations. Ecampus Faculty Support can assist instructors with questions about how to input accommodations in Canvas. 

Extended time accommodations

To provide extended time accommodations in Canvas, instructors can create an exception for an individual student's exam using the moderate quiz process. 

Extensions in Canvas

Current term

If an instructor would like to provide a student an extension for an exam in Canvas during the current term, input the new exam window using the differentiated assignments process. This allows instructors to adjust the available exam dates for one or more students. For proctored exams, once this has been completed, notify Ecampus Testing of the changes and they will inform the students proctoring service.

Incompletes for previous terms

If an instructor would like to provide a student access to a proctored exam in Canvas from a previous term for an incomplete, complete the following steps:

  1. Notify Ecampus Testing of the student, course, exam and new exam window (they will confirm the exam information is still correct and notify the student's proctor of any updates)
  2. Next, contact Canvas Support to request access to the closed course for you and the student
  3. Once Canvas support has given you access to the course, use the differentiated assignments process to input the new exam window for the student


If you have questions about proctoring, please email Ecampus Testing or call us at 541-737-9281.

For questions related to Canvas, please email Canvas Support or Ecampus’ Course Development and Training team.