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Upcoming registration dates

Summer 2024 registration is currently open. Fall 2024 priority registration begins on Sunday, May 19. Please check the priority registration calendar for dates.

Academic calendar

Visit the academic calendar to make sure you stay organized throughout the term. Here, you will find the first day of the term, finals week dates and important dates such as the last day to add or drop classes.

How to register for classes

1. Review the schedule of classes

Visit the online schedule of classes and select your desired courses. If you are a degree-seeking student, make sure you are choosing courses that match the academic plans you've developed with your academic advisor.

Make a note of the course title, course number and Course Registration Number (CRN) of each of your desired courses and sections. This information will speed up registration later.

Credit hours: Depending upon the type of course and level at which it is offered, you should expect to devote two to three hours each week for every registered credit. For example, you can expect up to nine hours of coursework each week for a 3-credit course.

Overrides: An override gives students permission to enroll in a class under special circumstances by overriding major restrictions and enforced prerequisites or the need for department approval.

2. Gather necessary information and check registration dates and times

To register, you will need your ONID username and password.

Registration PINs are generally required to register for your first term. Undergraduate degree-seeking students will obtain their PIN number from their assigned academic advisor. This is issued after completion of the Ecampus online orientation for degree-seeking undergraduates. Nondegree students will receive their PIN by email upon completion of the Ecampus online orientation for nondegree students.

Log in to Beaver Hub to check your registration dates and times. Enter your ONID username and password to log in. Select the Academics tab and under Academic Resources, select Check Your Registration Status and follow the directions to view your registration dates and times.

Registration occurs in two phases: Phase I and Phase II. Only degree-seeking students can register during Phase I. Students may register for a maximum of 16 credits during Phase I and may register for additional credits during Phase II. Your exact registration date is based on the number of college credits you have completed. Therefore, sending Oregon State official transcripts of coursework completed at other institutions can result in an earlier registration date. See the priority registration schedule in the Oregon State academic catalog for more information.

Since all Oregon State classes have limited capacity, it is best to register as soon as you are able to do so.

3. Register and confirm your registration

New to Beaver Hub? Check out "When can I log in to Beaver Hub?" in the Beaver Hub FAQ.

Log in to Beaver Hub. Enter your ONID username and password to log in. Select the Academics tab and under Academic Resources, select Register/Add/Drop Classes to register. Follow the online instructions to complete your registration.

You will not receive an email confirming that you registered. You may confirm your schedule and print a copy of your schedule by logging in to Beaver Hub. Select the Academics tab and under Academic Resources, select View Your Class Schedule in Detail and follow the directions to find your class schedule.

You may encounter errors during registration if you do not meet the prerequisite requirements for a course or other requirements for registration set by the course's academic department. Please see our overrides page for more information and for directions about what to do if you believe you meet the prerequisite requirements for a course.

Students with registration holds are not permitted to register until the appropriate Oregon State department or office clears the hold. If you are unsure of what is causing a hold on your account, call Ecampus Student Services at 800-667-1465 (select option 1).

4. Waitlisting

During Phase II of registration, you can add your name to an automated waitlist for a full course. This is called waitlisting. Waitlisting is not available for every course. Visit the Waiting Courses webpage for more information.

Once you are on the waitlist for a course monitor your ONID email account frequently. When an opening becomes available you will receive an email directing you to return to the registration system and enroll in the course within the designated 24-hour window.

If you do not enroll in the course within 24 hours you will be removed from the waitlist. You must resolve any time conflicts or other registration errors when you enroll for the waitlisted course.

Actions to take after you register for classes

1. Textbooks and course materials

The online schedule of classes has lists of required materials for each course and links to purchasing information through the OSU Beaver Store. The OSU Beaver store also provides comparison prices from major online retailers.

Please allow sufficient mailing time to receive any ordered materials prior to the start of the term. We recommend that you order all materials at least two weeks prior to the start of the term. If you order from the OSU Beaver Store and drop or withdraw from your classes you may return your materials to the OSU Beaver Store within the first two weeks of the term for a full refund. Proof of dropping the course or withdrawing and a sales receipt are required for a full refund.

You can also access your course materials from your Beaver Hub account. Select the Academics tab and under Academic Resources, select My Textbooks. You will be redirected to the OSU Beaver Store.

2. Canvas access and technical help

You will have access to your course page in Canvas after the term begins. If you register for a course after the term starts, please allow 24 to 48 hours for access to the course page to be added.

Refer to the Ecampus technical help page for more information about technical help available to Ecampus students.

3. Getting started with Disability Access Services

Oregon State provides reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities. It typically takes two to four weeks to process your documentation and begin receiving accommodations. To learn more about the process please see Getting Started with DAS. DAS makes a good faith effort to accommodate students as quickly as possible but requests are generally provided according to the Timeline for Service Requests. For students registering with DAS for the first time, applications with documentation received after week 8 of the term will be considered for the following term.

4. Exams and proctoring

Some online courses require you to take proctored exams. Your instructor will indicate this requirement through a catalog entry, the course syllabus, a Canvas announcement or an email. Not all online courses require proctored exams.

Please review information about Ecampus exams and proctoring to make arrangements for proctoring services.

Need help?

Call Ecampus student services at 800-667-1465 (select option 1) for help at any point during the registration process.

Not admitted yet?

You must be admitted to Oregon State before registering for classes. Please visit our "Ready to apply?" information page for application procedures and requirements.