Degree Partnership Program

Expand your options and make a clear path to graduation

Oregon State University's Degree Partnership Program makes it possible for qualified students to submit a single application for admission to both OSU and a participating community college. As a DPP student, you can take classes online or in person at both schools, combine credits for financial aid eligibility and have the option of using campus facilities and services at both schools.

DPP expands the number of course offerings available, and it gives you access to Oregon State's academic advising so you can plan the most direct and cost effective route to graduation.

Oregon State's Degree Partnership Program webpage can help you find:

  • Important information about this unique program
  • A list of partner community colleges
  • Instructions for admissions, registration and financial aid

Questions? Contact us

If you want to learn more about OSU's Degree Partnership Program, contact the Ecampus student services team by phone at 800-667-1465 or by email at